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TeamBWT Global, LTD  purchase/sell crude oil, refined petroleum products to commercial end-users

TeamBWT Global, LTD
is a global, full-service energy trading company with a world-wide network of suppliers and resources. We purchase and sell crude oil and refined petroleum products to major purchasers including governments, refineries, chemical companies, and commercial end-users.

Positioned to become one of the world’s most respected and reliable suppliers of crude oil and refined petroleum products, TeamBWT Global, LTD buys and sells freshly loaded titled product in chartered vessels under the company’s exclusive control from major producers to major buyers.

Establishing benchmarks in transparency, pricing and on-time cash-backed purchases and deliveries from majors to majors,TeamBWT Global, LTD services a substantial roster of crude oil and refined petroleum products purchasers while adhering to the highest standards of integrity and excellence.

Jean Nazarro, President and CEO TeamBWT, LLC and TeamBWT Global, LTD

Jean Nazzaro

President and CEO TeamBWT, LLC and TeamBWT Global, LTD

As President and CEO of TeamBWT, Ms. Nazzaro focuses on corporate strategy and planning and currently works at the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) in Washington, D.C. as the GAO’s deputy Chief Information Officer. A respected leader in her field, Ms. Nazzaro administers a 250-person staff. Ms. Nazzaro earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in communication from Wake Forrest University, a Master of Arts Degree from Kent State University in communication and a Masters of Public Administration Degree from American University in Washington, D.C.

Ned Nazarro, Chief Operating Officer TeamBWT, LLC and TeamBWT Global, LTD

Ned Nazzaro

Chief Operating Officer TeamBWT, LLC and TeamBWT Global, LTD Mr. Nazzaro manages operational development at TeamBWT, LLC and TeamBWT Global Ltd.

Mr. Nazzaro’s responsibilities include identifying and bidding on contracts, developing and managing sources of supply, managing deliveries, reviewing financials and sourcing growth opportunities. Mr. Nazzaro earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Boston College. Upon graduation, Mr. Nazzaro founded his own brokerage firm in New Haven, Connecticut. Upon completion of an MBA in Finance from the University of Washington, Mr. Nazzaro held leadership positions in public and private sectors including developing and teaching graduate level courses in finance at Webster University Show More...and acting as a Contributing Editor to Institution Investor Inc., Mr. Nazzaro’s articles in which he explained the mechanics behind complex derivatives and new global investment products attracted an influential readership. Prior to assuming his role with TeamBWT, LLC, Mr. Nazzaro worked for the Commissioner of the IRS on an ad-hoc basis to increase the efficiency within the organization. In that work, Mr. Nazzaro garnered numerous awards for his effective communication and positive leadership. With their three daughters, Ned and Jean currently live in Arlington, Virginia....Show Less

Matt Ouellette, Director of Global Operations TeamBWT, LLC and TeamBWT Global, LTD

Matt Ouellette

Director of Global Operations TeamBWT, LLC and TeamBWT Global, LTD

A ten-year veteran of the crude and refined fuels markets, Mr. Ouellette oversees TeamBWT’s composite buy/sell relationships. Having worked side-by-side with one of the world’s leading suppliers, Mr. Ouellette became versed in all aspects of the business and developed relationships with world-class refineries, infrastructure providers including pipeline contractors, major buyers and sellers, transporters, financiers and power players. As TeamBWT’s Director of Global Operations, Mr. Ouellette maintains international relationships on a daily basis. With a background in ground-up, large-scale commercial development, Mr. Ouellette administers seamless buy/sell transactions.

Bill Kemavor, Director of African Operations: TeamBWT Global, LTD

Bill Kemavor

Director of African Operations: TeamBWT Global, LTD

As a member of a Ghanaian royal family, Bill Kemavor maintains personal relationships with crude oil suppliers and counter parties in Nigeria and Ghana. A long-time specialist in the international import and export of commodities such as oil, sugar, rice, etc., Mr. Kemavor
utilizes advantageous familial relationships to support in-demand market needs. Fluent in English and seven African tribal languages and establishing an operating history with UNICEF / Nigeria, Mr. Kemavor possesses unique abilities to create and service direct buy/sell crude oil and commodities opportunities within Africa’s dynamic marketplace. Combined with first-hand, high-level personal access to eminent African decision-makers, Mr. Kemavor allows TeamBWT Global, LTD to provide unsurpassed buy / sell transactional transparencies.

Polly Monson, Senior Project Manager TeamBWT, LLC

Polly Monson

Senior Project Manager TeamBWT, LLC

Ms. Monson manages TeamBWT, LLC’s domestic day-to-day operations including preparation of financial documents, coordinating company accountants and executing corporate communication protocol. Ms. Monson developed and currently maintains the Web sites for TeamBWT, LLC and TeamBWT GLOBAL, LTD. Ms. Monson additionally assists Mr. Ouellette and Mr. Nazzaro to fulfill sales and mission critical strategies. Ms. Monson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Clemson University and holds a Master of Science degree in Corporate Communication from New York University. Prior to assuming her position with TeamBWT, LLC, Ms. Monson’s company developed proprietary corporate health and wellness programs.


Driven to Excellence

TeamBWT Global, LTD supplies crude oil and refined petroleum products to major purchasers including governments, refineries, chemical companies, and commercial end-users. TeamBWT Global, LTD strives to establish benchmarks in market transparency, product pricing, and timely transactional process.

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